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If you would like to donate any pre – loved items belonging to your pets at home, we would be MORE than happy to receive them. We collect and reallocate your donations in kind for the animals under the care of our shelter partners, boarding facility partners, other fellow rescuers & foster families.


Medical Supplies: Any and all medicines for puppies &  dogs are WELCOME

Food Supplies: Dry or Wet Food from any brand would be APPRECIATED 

Dog Accessories: Collars, Leashes, Toys, Chews, Shampoos, Brushes  etc would be GREAT 

Towels, Blankets, Sheets, Pee  Pads are always REQUIRED

Pedestal Fans / Coolers to help beat the heat during the  searing hot summer months.

Heaters, Blankets and Bedsheets to provide some much needed warmth  in the cold winter months.

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