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Within hours of the nationwide lockdown being announced in the month of March 2020, we launched this Program to support on – ground volunteers from different parts of India by providing them financial aid. The funds received by them during the lockdown enabled them to buy emergency food supplies for all the street animals under their care. Over 8000+ street animals including dogs, cats, monkeys, cows, buffaloes etc were fed during this time.


During the  second lockdown/curfew in April 2021 India, we continued to  receive urgent food requests from our dedicated on – ground volunteers for the street animals. 


One of the crucial success parameters of the Full Belly Initiative has been that we have been able to provide emergency food supplies to street animals in remote areas of the country which are more than often overlooked.

Between both the lockdowns, 1800+ street animals (including street dogs, cats, buffaloes, cows & even monkeys!) were provided meals!
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